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History of Le Bouveret’s aircraft

12th-13th July 1943

By James Wright, Pascal Blanchard
Translated by David Brett

Many people living in the area of the mouth of the Rhone have heard about Le Bouveret’s airplane. Sometimes it had crashed into the lake, sometimes on the mountain. But no one has ever tried to learn more. It is true that throughout our small country, the accident remained a news item.

However, as I was a young lad, I asked myself “but what was a British plane doing over the Helvetian neutral territory. And so, gradually, according to the opportunities and meetings, the story began to take shape.

Firstly, through very official reports, some pictures of wrecks and then, finally, with people and families. And the whole story began to unfold.

In 1943, seven fathers, sons, brothers or cousins left their houses leaving the door open. But even today, for many families, this door is not yet closed.

I hope that this document will provide answers to all the relatives of the crew who lost their lives on the slopes of Mont Grammont, allowing them to finally turn a painful page of their history.

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