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A few informations sources about this story :

Official internet site of 207 Sqn Association

"Q" for Quennie is no longer missing
Histoire de l'avion du Bouveret

En plus du contenu du présent site internet, présente l'enquête officielle de 1943 ainsi que les 20 ans de recherches effectuées par les auteurs.
Nombreuses photos et documents inédits.
Document papier, 44 pages
CHF 10.-- versés en faveur du 207 Sqn association

Always Prepared
The History of No.207 Squadron Royal Air Force

by John Hamlin (ISBN 0 85130 285 8), published by Air Britain
240 pages (8 colour). 300 photographs
£ 27.50

207 Squadron, RAF Langar, 1942 - 1943
The book may be obtained from
Raymond Glynne Owen
9 Erebus Close, Spilsby
Lincolnshire PE23 5LJ

'Sunset Saviours' by Robin Smith
Signed limited edition of 500 - Litho print overall size 28" x 20", image size 22" x 15"
Artist signed litho print £83  
Fully signed print £140

"The Lancaster is one of my favourite aircraft to paint. It lends itself beautifully to all the glass in the airframe catching light from every angle. The basic concept of the image was to catch the aircraft in a sunset environment with the sun just catching the tops of the clouds. The image was to depict the Lanc. in a none agressive way, peacefully plying its way in the company of another Lanc.

The print is signed by Wallace McIntosh, an ex Lanc. rear gunner. Wallace has the destinction of holding the record for Bomber Command kills from the rear turret of Avro Lancaster EM-M LL973 standing at 8 confirmed kills. Wallace has a book about himself and his exploits called "Gunnig for the Enemy" published by Grub Street."

LL973/M, flown mostly by CO Wg Cdr JF Grey, & P/O CJ Mike Solly. Lost on Wesseling 21/22 June 1944 with the Solly crew: 3 kia, 2 pow, 2 evd). In LL973 Grey's gunners downed 3 fighters during one sortie.
LL902/A probably did the most Lanc ops on 207, crashing at Little Rissington 15 March 1945, F/O Michael Cooke's crew all died.

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