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In 1993, a group of enthusiasts decided to mark the 50th anniversary of this event and called out the various local stakeholders. Thanks to an effective and fruitful collaboration between the Royal Air Forces Association (Swiss Branch) led by Bryan Pattisson and the authorities of Le Bouveret represented by Mr Claude Roch, July 13, 1993, a splendid monument was inaugurated in the presence of several representatives of the families and from the squadron.

A year later, in 1994, the 207 Sqn Association erected a memorial at Langar in memory of the crews, engaged from this airfield, who did not return. Nowadays, the airfield is relatively intact, with most of its wartime facilities still in use as a base for the British Parachute School


In 2002, 207 Sqn was reactivated and trains the future pilots of the Royal Air Force. Moreover it is within its ranks that the Duke of Cambridge achieved his wings in 2008. Unfortunately, the Squadron has been disbanded in 2012.


Eventually, this number has been recently attributed to an Air Training Corp unit.

It's new official name is 207 (Cranfield) Squadron

East Kirby is a former bomber base, RAF, which today houses the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center, museum with an Avro Lancaster in working order. In 2003, Jim Wright, son of Arthur Wright bomber, offered two shoots of lime tree he had brought back from the crash site. This small tree symbolize a gift of the people of Le Bouveret in memory of the crews of 207 Squadron


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